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Starlight Entertainment gets you booking results – quality, innovative and personalized results that bolster the appeal of any type of media. Based in Portland, Oregon, our experienced staff is prepared to help you think strategically about which artists will best enhance your business. Our unrivaled connections and commitment to service enable Starlight Booking to arrange for the talent you desire to appear profiled in magazine articles, or appear at live events including charity fund raisers.

Horns for the Homeless

No shelter from the cold, no food to eat, our fellow brothers are sleeping on the streets. Sometimes, one simple song is the fire that keeps them warm. Horns for the Homeless takes the passion of music into the community to provide that emotional connection that is nourishment to a man’s soul. HH also serves our homeless by providing meals and clothing through contributions made by the community and local merchants. Hosting seasonal events, musicians and supporters unite to supply the unsheltered with basic needs, resources, and most important — compassion. Starlight Entertainment is proud to be a volunteer and supporter to the organization where musicians and fans of the music come together and give compassion through music.

PDX Spotlight

PDX Spotlight is a new TV/Web series currently in production in Portland, OR. Everyone on our team has a passion for music. Many are musicians themselves and all of us believe that we live in one of the most diverse music cities in the world. As Portlanders we want to support our local music scene and believe that we can provide a professionally produced product that artists can use to increase their exposure.

If you are chosen to be a part of PDX Spotlight we will collaborate with you to determine the best format for your episode. A 30 minute show consisting of performance and interview will be taped either in one of the studios at Portland Community Media or at one of your live performances. In some cases it makes sense for us to come to you depending on studio availability, studio compatibility or musician schedules.

Following the airing of the show you will have access to the footage as well as any individual videos that we produce for you. You can use these assets on your own website, Facebook page or however you see fit to help promote yourself.


Upcoming Live Music:

Harefest 2015, Canby, Oregon

Harefest 2015: Tribute band lovers weekend!

Yes music lovers, Harefest is among us. The weekend where nostalgia becomes reality. Returning guests know all too well what I’m speaking of as Bon Jovi, Guns N’ Roses, Jukebox Heroes, AC/DC and more take the stage in the form of Portland’s local tribute bands hosted by J-Fell Presents and The Wild Hare Saloon. Food, drinks, VIP […]

Featured Artist:

One From Many (OFM)

One From Many has already been blazing their path…

Their Alleged Album, appropriately named, took years in the making.  With songs written with conviction, passion, and soul, one can not simply listen and not be impacted.  Working with the growing show PDX Spotlight that focuses on Portland original artists, I have had the privilege and honor to meet with these four talented artists to ask […]

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