3 bands in one night at The New Copper Penny!

Kicking off the evening was Black Powder County making their debut appearance!  You have to keep an eye out for this group of young gentlemen.  They are a fresh, new band whose sound compares to that of Metallica, Avenged Sevenfol, or even some Rose Tattoo.  One of the things I found impressive was the drum skills of young Josh Betschart.  This powerhouse started the night strong, and ended with a crowd hungry for more.

Next up was When Vanity Kills.  With melodious harmony stemming from Heidi Canfield and Deborah Louie, this pop/rock group has potential for their originals to end up on chart hits.  Capping off their set was quite the jam with just the trio of Keith Parkhurst, drummer, Chris Beltran, guitarist, and bass player Doug Elia.

The finale for the evening was Moon shine who gave it’s consistently high quality performance with covers from Alice in Chains, Black Sabbath, Van Halen, and White Zombie to name a few.  This trio packs in a punch each and every song!

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