One From Many (OFM)

One From Many has already been blazing their path…

Coming in September...

Coming in September…(photo courtesy of Brent Angelo Photography)

Their Alleged Album, appropriately named, took years in the making.  With songs written with conviction, passion, and soul, one can not simply listen and not be impacted.  Working with the growing show PDX Spotlight that focuses on Portland original artists, I have had the privilege and honor to meet with these four talented artists to ask about their album, challenges and successes along the way, and their future projects.  You can check out the episode that features One From Many coming in September on channel 11.

Early dedicated fans may remember the band as FarCry.  It was during this initial time that band members Supina and McCormick reached levels of success not easily obtained appearing as opening acts for headliners such as Everclear, 3 Days Grace, Landon Pigg, and Floater. They made appearances on the syndicated “Mark and Brian” radio show and received regional airplay for their two popular EPs.  Suffering an internal breakdown,  Supina and McCormick  were highly motivated to re-establish a group they could develop a strong foundation with that collectively push through the difficult phases any artist have to contend with.

Joshua "Trigger" Glampire Elie

Joshua “Trigger” Glampire Elie

Their album appropriately titled “The Alleged Album” was named as the project took so long in the making that everyone kept asking about the progress.  Although sharing which song I favor the most is close to impossible, I take favor to two in particular, “Shape of Your Heart” and “Your Eyes.”  I don’t deny I am “mesmerized” (there’s an intended use of this word) by lyrics.  When a song can reach into my soul and make me feel the story the writer is conveying, I make a connection and it touches my heart.  “Your Eyes” had me from the first lines.  Sorry, but I’ll save the details on this.  If you want to know, you’ll have to listen to the song. wink!  But, it’s a beautiful love ballad poetically written by Supina.  To correct the guys on this, it is NOT because I am a chick and “chicks dig those love ballads.”  It’s all about the lyrics gentlemen!  “I swear it wasn’t a lie, you’re on my heart for life!”  When the connection is something I personally have experienced, then the song is added to my top faves.  

Although the men are on a journey of continued growth and success, tragedies  and trouble have not eluded them. I will not go into great detail on the specifics of the circumstances as you can go to their link and read their bio.  They openly share their trials and tribulations ranging from broken homes to near death vehicle crashes, addictions to divorces.   After the extensive behind the scenes interview, I can see that they have this resolution from these experiences resulting in true compassion, acceptance, and patience for others.   One thing I can say for this group is that they have an innate sense of humor. I think it helps get them through their stressful moments any band family can have.  I don’t think I lasted five minutes without laughing at something they said or did.  A question I had to target to Trigger, as he is affectionately known as, “what kind of product do you use in your hair?”  His reply, “any and all kinds.”

Joe von Hagen, Joshua McCormick, Andrew Supina, Joshua "Trigger" Elie, Bobfather Gracenote Lynn

Joe von Hagen, Joshua McCormick, Andrew Supina, Joshua “Trigger” Elie, Bobfather Gracenote Lynn

So what’s ahead for One From Many and where can you find them?  For starters you can visit their website at for the latest on their upcoming shows.  They are currently working on a second album. To add to the experience and truly embrace the name “One From many”, they are planning on involving fans in the process. A kickoff show is set for Aug 16th where fans can preview tracks and help decide on which songs they want to be a part of the album.



Andrew Supina-vocals

Joshua “Trigger” Elie-guitar/vocals

Joe von Hagen – bass

Joshua McCormick- guitar/vocals

Bobfather Gracenote Lynn – drums


Talk about ignite, check out Black Powder County!

My first time seeing Black Powder County, they certainly blew me away!  With music that just magnifies the talent behind the instruments, BPC rocks every show and captures the audience from the very first song.  It didn’t take me long to introduce myself to this young band eager to learn their upcoming calendar dates.  I have since become friends with the guitarist from down under, Tim Deq, and invited him to share some background as well as the future of BPC.  His charismatic personality in addition to the Australian accent made every conversation with this mate entertaining from the get-go. Tim stands proud performing live all over PDX and beyond with fellow bandmates Jake-Lead vocalist and guitar, Manny – Bass, and  Josh -Drummer.

How did you come up with your band name?  -Painfully! But we all met on the plain of enlightenment, where we meditated for several months. It truly was a mash up of names we all liked.

How has your music evolved since you first began playing music together? – It still continues to evolve every writing session, but we have seen how we have become more in your face and more technically driven.

What genre of music do you consider your work to be? Who are your major influences? – Our music is definitely Hard/Heavy Rock bordering on Metal. My major influences are too many to list, but the top ranking artists are: Guns N’ Roses, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Slash, Avenged Sevenfold, Stone Sour, Buckcherry.

Where have you performed? What are your favorite  venues?  – Our favorite shows/venues were the Collective Soul, Kansas & Blue Oyster Cult Opening/Closing performances we did for them. We also have been playing some of the awesome venues in Portland like The New Copper Penny, Hawthorne Lounge/Theater, Ash Street Saloon to name a few.

What has been the best thing about being a musician? – Being able to express myself in ways that cannot be relayed using normal communication methods. And to entertain!

If you could play with another artist, who would it be/why? – It would be Slash as he has been the biggest inspiration to me as a guitarist & it’s on my bucket list!

What is the most memorable “fan” moment? – Having a young bloke (note the Aussie term) in the audience telling me that I inspire them! Mostly it is every moment seeing the joy on their faces.

Do you have a record label? Are you a member of any music organizations? – No we are currently an Indie band, but are produced by Kevin S. Hahn (Opal Studios) who has worked with the likes of The Scorpions & Floater. The only music based organizations we are a part of are all social media based, like Reverbnation.

What is the most out of date piece of music you have and what band is it? – Crikey that is a hard one! Well I have still over 500 cassette tapes so in today’s day and age that is all out of date. If we are talking the oldest music, it would have to be my classical collection, as I have pretty much every composer.

Does this Aussie like sports?  -Yes, Basketball, Rugby League and AFL Football (Not Soccer)

What is your favorite clothing item/why? – My hats/beanies, cause they cover my aging receding hairline and baldness, that’s why I shave it!

What kind of pets do you have and what are their names?  -Well geez, I have a farm so essentially have a lot of critters, 3 Chickens, 4 Dogs, 5 Cats, 6 Horses. My Dog’s name is Marla.

Outside of music, what is the best job you ever had? – Being a Dad, but on the money making job side it is being a Server Engineer (IT Industry)

(Most of us have been there at some point) So-worst breakup ever? -My first Divorce.

 If you had a million dollars but could not spend it on yourself or your family, can’t invest it, what would you do with it?  – I would use it to help all those in need from all walks of life, but mainly anything to do with helping disadvantaged children & their families.

What’s your ultimate direction for your band? Are you seeking fame and fortune? – We are wanting to share our music to the masses and continue to set goals to perform at higher levels enjoying the musical journey on the way, now if the fame and fortune were to eventuate from our hard work, then that is the bonus to what and why we do what we do!

What is the best advice you have ever been given?  -Be Authentic in everything you do!

What advice do you have for people who want to form their own bands? – If your wanting to make it, like life you have to have somewhat of a plan. Find members with the same drive, enthusiasm & commitment. Be committed yourself & practice hard. Don’t force the creativity & be open to suggestion. Be authentic in approaching the music. And most important of all, have a bloody good time, as it is an awesome journey, where even if you were not to succeed to a high level, you sure as heck had fun doing it!

I want to thank Tim for taking his time out for me and opening himself up to the fans.  For those who want a great night of some heavy rock sound, go check out Black Powder County!

Portland Welcomes Michele Ari!

Celebrating the 14th anniversary, Dante’s features new to Portland artist Michele Ari.

A sweet, soft soul, this gal has not achieved her status by any easy brick road.  With enough obstacles that would dampen the spirits in the first round, Michele kept her sights on her passion and love for the music.  Not afraid to pave her own way, she has decided (for now at least) to make PDX her home.  She proudly shares the stage with sought after musicians: Stevie Mickelson (guitar,) Andrew Greene (drums) and Errick Lewis (bass.)

www.micheleari.commichele ari 2

Jennifer Batten

JenniferB-3The buzz on Jennifer Batten rose from the guitar underground, and the guitar magazines promptly began chronicling her savvy musicianship and highly original approach to the electric guitar in print.

At one point Batten was in 6 different bands, playing everything from straight ahead rock, to metal,fusion, and funk. A major turning point came when she was selected from over one hundred guitarists to play in Michael Jackson’s highly skilled band which toured the world for one and a half years playing for over four and a half million people. Jennifer wasted no time after the” Bad” Tour’s grand finale, diving into work on her own album with renown producer (and Stevie Wonder guitarist) Michael Sembello. The stunning results can be heard on “Above, Below, and Beyond”, the title appropriately describing the interesting diversity within. With this debut release, the world at large learned what all the excitement was about.

Shortly after the record’s release in the spring of ’92, she was asked again to join Michael Jackson for his upcoming “Dangerous Tour”.  In January ’93, she joined Jackson to partake in Superbowl XXVII’s half time entertainment which aired to one and half billion people in 80 nations. It was the largest audience in television history.

She completed her second solo record “Jennifer Batten’s Tribal Rage~Momentum,” just before she was again asked to join Michael Jackson for his 2 year world tour supporting his double album “HIStory” in 1997.

Jennifer’s Tribal Rage project took a much different direction than her first record and is heavily influenced by world music. It is a hybrid of rock and very exotic sounds, including African percussion, Australian didgeridoo, Caribbean steel drums and Scottish bag pipes.

In the spring of 98 Jeff Beck asked Jennifer to join his band. They joined forces for 3 years on the CD’s “Who Else”, and “You Had It Coming” which were both supported by world tours.

Other guest appearances include CD’s with Carmine Appice, Michael Sembello, Carl Anderson, Carina Alfie and several rock tributes.

Jennifer has authored two music books and has just released her third solo CD/DVD entitled “Whatever”.  With this 3rd effort, she’s ventured into electronica, vocal samples, and film. She’s supporting this release with a multimedia one woman show, playing guitar in synch with films projected onto a giant screen. The companion DVD includes over 90 min of art films, previously unreleased music videos, interviews, commentary, and an innovative guitar lesson.

Shoot To Thrill

Shoot to Thrill performed on November 17, 2013 at the Doug Fir, following the debut of the all-star group “Metts, Ryan and Collins”.