Harefest season is upon us! July 19/20th

Harefest!  What is not to love?  Taking you back to my first Harefest experience…

It started out as my endeavor to participate in Portland’s music scene where my love of music sparked reminiscing of my days when I was a single girl.  Leaving a marriage that was bad from the start (there’s a song in there somewhere!),   I was excited to enjoy once again what was deep in my heart-music!

January of 2012, a co-worker had shared after hearing I favored 80’s tunes, that an event held was being held at the Crystal Ballroom featuring an 80’s band.  Not quite a Cinderella story, but read on.  Researching, I discovered the name of this all 80’s hits cover band was known as Radical Revolution- one of a list of many bands that are associated with J-fell productions. Moments later, I learned my supervisor was celebrating her birthday as well.  Coincidently–she was hosting her celebration at the Crystal Ballroom the very night Radical Revolution was playing.  No further prodding necessary, I was going!

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Kevin Hahn – Stone In Love

Radical Revolution not only blew me away with the fun tunes that brought back so many fun memories for me,  (Take on Me, Jack and Diane, Pour Some Sugar on Me to name a few)but the show was followed by a Journey tribute band-Stone In Love.  Enticed to stay longer and listen to a band cover songs from one of my all-time favorite bands, I was hooked!

Call me a groupie, call me what you will, but I was on a high checking out the two bands calendar schedule, quickly added them to my facebook page, and signed up for the email list to be kept up to date of future events.  There it was, another event produced by J-fell Productions, Harefest 2, 2012!

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Shoot To Thrill- ACDC Tribute

Reading the short excerpts about this event, I was stoked to explore this music festival making noise in Canby, Oregon.  I was going to catch a glimpse of the two bands that re-ignited my passion for music. What I didn’t know was I was about to be rocked like a hurricane!

From the Friday night start, to the end of Saturday night, the weekend was one amazing tribute band after another.  Radical Revolution was joined on stage with Stone In Love (Journey), Appetite for Deception (Guns ‘N Roses), Random Pressure (cover songs of various bands), and Jordan Harris who performs in a band Guy Dilly and the Twin Powers (originals), and more!

The show was tantalizing and enthralling playing non-stop aside from the transitions between bands. Food was available by the sponsoring business, The Wild Hare Saloon.  A generous neighbor offered camping for all. Concluding my weekend, one of the best discoveries I made were the friendships I hold close to my heart to this day.

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Jason Fellman-Radical Revolution

Harefest is the Woodstock of Canby, Oregon!  Each year it has just improved its production from the years before and the bands get tighter.  What is my regret?  That I missed the very first one.  It’s fun, it’s festive, it’s a great escape from the monotony of life, all within a short drive from Portland.

Maybe you have missed out on the prior years, but you are in for a RADICAL show!  The lineup has added even more tribute bands than ever, the stage setting is stunning, and the performances are explosive!  The countdown has begun for HAREFEST 2014!

This event information:
July 19th and 20th
1190 SW 1st Ave
Canby, OR
503 515-2687

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