October 18-Monsters of Rock PDX 5

As quoted by organizers of Monsters of Rock (MOR):

“Monsters Of Rock Portland is dedicated to joining some of the most accomplished local musicians from past to present. To foster an environment of unity and community that respects and celebrates the shared passion of Rock-N-Roll music. Monsters Of Rock Portland will be hosting events that bring this shared passion to the audience as well. The idea that the local music community should become closer is not new. Our team now can reach a variety and vast demographic that allows this dream to come true. The most important thing, is what we as musicians take away from these events: New relationships , old friends reuniting, and the bond of sharing music together while entertaining the most important thing to us as musicians..our FANS!”

MORPDX5 will be hosted at Dante’s located in downtown Portland on the corner of 2nd and Burnside.  Ticket sales are only $10 and proceeds benefit ARRO Autism Research and Resources of Oregon.  Check out the video produced and edited by George Sanders for a quick recap from last year’s MORPDX4:



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