The Bar Pilots landed at Red Lion JB!

Pilot Rob Wessels navigates the lead vocals while wingman Mark Logan is on guitar.  Vince Adame rocks it on bass while Liam MacManus keeps time on drums.  These guys were able to please the variety of tastes from Billy Joel to Tom Petty…if you request a song, I’m sure they’ll know it!  The night was a great way to kick off the start of the new year.  The relaxing atmosphere with views of the captivating Columbia River gave the audience a chance to revive from New Year’s celebrations just a few days prior.  I personally was able to re-energize enough to get on the dance floor that accommodates the largest of crowds.  The Bar Pilots have an upcoming show January 17 at the Springs Bar & Grill located in my hometown of Vancouver also known as “the ‘couv!”

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